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Do you want to improve your organization’s statistical capabilities?

Let our experts help you better understand your data and apply statistics within your company.  Our highly capable trainers are prepared to improve your statistical knowledge and to provide hands-on practice in statistical tools using your choice of a variety of software packages (including Arlenda software).

Simply contact us and we will develop customized training based on your objectives and student profiles.

Examples of training we offer:

  • Basic statistics for the pharma industry (typically in Minitab or JMP)
  • Process monitoring (control charts, capability, investigations)
  • Applied Bayesian statistics
  • Design of experiments
  • Quality by Design for pharmaceutical processes, analytical methods, and bioassays
  • Adaptive designs
  • Bioassay and procedure validation
  • Analytical method validation, transfer, and bridging
  • PK/PD
  • Design and analysis of stability studies
  • Advanced programming in SAS and R

And many others, just ask !