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Statistical Consulting

Statistical Solutions -  From Discovery to Production

Our mission: We deliver timely and tailored solutions to reduce risks and improve processes accross the product lifecycle.

Our Commitment: We strive to understand your problem and we'll partner with you from beginning to end. 

You will benefit from Arlenda's strenghts:

1. Diverse Experience: Our consultants combine in-depth experience in statistics, engineering, biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, mathematics and IT

2. Product Life Cycle: Our focus and experience span the entire product lifecycle, including: discovery, assay and process development, clinical development, process validation and commercial supply. We recognize that all these steps are inter-dependent, requiring in holistic solutions

3. Broad knowledge and experience in statistics: We have in-depth expertise with the full spectrum of statistical methods including Bayesian solutions for clinical and non-clinical applications.


Our competencies in statistics are widely recognized in both Europe and USA, which is why dozens of biopharm companies, including 4 out of the top 10 pharma, partner with us.