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Arlenda Newsletter
Strong presence of Arlenda at BAYES2016

in Leuven, Belgium on May 17-20 th, 2016. Arlenda’s scientists were selected to present 4 talks and 1 poster, reflecting the recognized expertise of Arlenda in applied Bayesian statistics for pharmaceutical industry. The talks topics included clinical trials, prior elicitation, manufacturing process and stability of products. Find the presentations on Bayes’ website.

Arlenda also active in Supply Chain.

At the 1 st European Life Sciences Supply Chain Community Conference, Arlenda has presented how Modeling and Simulation help controlling risk in supply chain of drugs. Three applied methodologies were discussed. First, Bayesian model to predict the patient recruitment in clinical trials. Second, ways to quantify the risk of stability during transportation and finally, the value of expertise in signal processing for rapid detection of fraudulent drugs.

Arlenda for Continuous manufacturing.

It’s a reality today and Arlenda developed an integrated statistical methodology for the validation and ongoing monitoring of a recently approved Continuous Manufacturing product. For more information, contact info@arlenda.com

Arlenda JMP Academy.

Arlenda has developed a full suite of trainings using JMP and dedicated to laboratory and clinical scientists as well as statis-ticians. It covers a wide range of topics valuable in pharmaceutical industry, from introduction to the software and the basics of statistics, to the development of add-ins in JSL, including for instance validation of bioassays, design and analyses ofstability studies, Design of experiments, Gage R&R studies, Quality by Design in manufacturing. Don’t wait, ask Arlenda the detailed list of trainings available. info@arlenda.com

Difficulties to predict the recruitment?

Arlenda has developed advanced models using Bayesian statistics to predict the recruitment of patients in your trials, leveraging all information available. Time to completion, site-by-site prediction, value to add new sites are all part of our recognizedmethodology. Contact Arlenda to discover the newest opportunities for your trials. info@arlenda.com

Arlenda Shiny server.

As one of the most highlighted tools for presenting the results of your statistical analysis, Shiny has now become a standard at Arlenda. Leveraging the incredible power of R, Shiny allows developing applications to automate routine analyses ofthat are eas to use, and provide attractive reports. Arlenda can help you develop and validate your own apps. Arlenda will help deploy the solutions on your premises, or host them on its own qualified servers. Contact us at info@arlenda.com.