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SEELVA 2.0: Arlenda’s Answer to the Validation of Bioassays

To remain competitive in today’s demanding business landscape, you need all parts of your operation working together at maximum efficiency.

This is why Seelva V2.0, the intuitive web-application developed by Arlendawill seamlessly integrate into current processes, enabling your business to benefit from an efficient and affordable cloud-based software solution targeted directly at pharmaceutical industry.

The software now comes packaged with an entirely new Potency module, dedicated to assays for which analytical results are assumed following a lognormal distribution (such as parallel line, curve, slope-ratio and microbiological assays, as well as quantitative PCR (qPCR) – to name but a few). Those assays described in the USP <1032>, <1033> and <1034> chapters should be validated using this option.

Seelva V2.0 has been revamped with a completely new application framework to deliver an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability to our clients.

Seelva 2.0: Convenient, Secure
Accessible, Comprehensive,
Transparent, Cost-effective

Seelva V2.0 maximises your efficiency by delivering on-demand graphical and tabular e-CTD-compliant reports within minutes, benefiting from SAS’spowerful analytics and intelligence software.

Optimize your reporting-writing and submission process to gain that vital edge over the competition with Seelva’s fully integrated three-step (upload-compute-report) management system. Seelva is deployed via the cloud using the Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing and delivery paradigm brought to you by Arlenda in one reliable solution.
Happy 12th birthday Arlenda!
Last chance to get your invitation*

On September 22nd, we will be hosting a joint seminar in Leuven with the ISPE Belgium. Come celebrate with us two more years of successful business. All the details and the program are available here.

Don’t forget to RSVP so you can be a part of this celebration. If you lost your invitation, you can always send an email to elisabeth.dupont@arlenda.com.

*this is a private event by invitation only
Joint Arlenda and JMP seminars on processes quality

Arlenda and JMP will collaborate to give in the Leiden Bio Science Park on October 8th 2015 joint seminars on “Improving Your Processes With Statistical Models” and “Optimising Your Processes With Design Of Experiments“. This will be an outstanding opportunity to discover most recent concepts and tools for continued improvement on processes. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Arlenda and JMP scientists in Leiden.

Upcoming events

September 16th:

IABS, Conference on Consistency Approach in Vaccine Lot Release Testing, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

September 18th–20th:

FDA-Industry Statistics workshop

September 22nd:

Connecting the dots with statistics

September 23rd:

BEBPA, Budapest, Hungary

September 29th:

IABS, 2nd Statistical and Data Management Approaches for Biotechnology Drug Development, Rockville USA

October 5th:

Process Validation West Coast Summit, La Jolla CA

October 8th:

Improving Your Processes With Statistical Models, Leiden

October 22nd:

NCB, Villa Nova University, Philadelphia
CTIP, Frankfurt, Germany

October 25th:

AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, Orlando, USA

November 16th:

ESF, Viena, Austria

Seelva 2.0


Convenient: Managed by Arlenda on a pay-per-user basis that is fast and easy to scale globally.

Secure: Validated according to the risk-based methodology prescribed by the GAMP5® widely recognized in the industry to ensure compliance.

Accessible: Seelva can be accessed from any location with an internet enabled device.

Comprehensive: Updates are made available online to existing customers, FREE of charge.

Cost-Effective: No initial setup costs; ready to use after subscription.

Transparent: Here at Arlenda we are committed to the quality and security of all our products, tailoring our process to avoid ambiguous terms regarding the maintenance of data confidentiality and integrity.





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