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Our Team

Arlenda is a team of experienced and client-minded scientists and statisticians.  We are passionate about the application of statistics in the drug-development process and applying this diverse knowledge to the specific needs of our client's projects. 

Our objective is our clients successful approval of drug product submissions to global regulatory authorities

Currently our team is composed of:

  • 11 PhDs in Statistics, Biology, Pharmacy, Biology, Biological Engineering and Chemistry

  • 7 Masters in Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering and Biology

  • 2 Bachelors in IT

Our achievements and recognition of our team are many.  We are especially proud of these:

  • More than 200+ years of experience in healthcare research, development, manufacturing and supply

  • More than 200 published papers in applied M&S and Statistics.

  • Bruno Boulanger (our founder and active chairman)  is a US Pharmacopeia Expert for statistics

  • Four team members are in charge of statistic ciriculum in various universities

  • (Co)Chair “Non-Clinical Statistics Workshop” workshop since 1998

  • Chair (& founder) of BAYES2000: Applied Bayesian Statistics in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our Management team is composed of

Dr Benoît Verjans, CEO

Benoît Verjans has a PhD degree in biochemistry and a MBA from the University of Brussels. He has made a post-doctoral program at the University of Cambridge (UK). He worked at UCB Pharma in International Marketing  where he was conducting market research programs mainly in the field of CNS. He joined McKinsey&Co as consultant and performed multiple projects mainly in the steel industry and in the pharma sector. In the pharmaceutical sector, he has the opportunity to run multiple marketing projects such as S&M organization, development of business plans for blockbusters and pricing projects. He also worked in the field of manufacturing and supply chain with projects suh as product launch readiness and operational improvement. He joined as CEO 4AZA Bioscience, a start-up from the University of Leuven developing new immuno-modulating drugs, were he was responsible for building a team from start and launch product development programs. He was then Chief Commercial Officer of Aseptic Technologies, responsible for marketing,  sales and supply chain of the closed vial technology worldwide. He is on the Editorial Board of Pharmaceutical Technology Europe.


Dr Bruno Boulanger, CSO, Company co-founder

Bruno Boulanger holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Liège (Belgium). After a post-doctorate at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and the University of Minnesota (USA) in Statistics applied to simulation of clinical trials, he joined Eli Lilly in Belgium in 1990. Since he gathered 20 years of experience in several areas of pharmaceutical research and industry including discovery, toxicology, CMC and early clinical phases. He holds various positions in Europe and in USA. After being the Head of European Early Phases within Eli Lilly driving an European-wide team, Bruno joined UCB Pharma as Director of Exploratory Statistics, contributing the implementation of Model-Based Drug Development strategy and applied Bayesian statistics. Bruno is also since 2000 Senior Lecturer at the Université of Liège, in the School of Pharmacy, teaching Design of Experiments and statistics. He organizes or contribute since 1998 to Non-Clinical Statistics in Europe and setup in 2010 the First Applied Bayesian Statistics conference. He is also a USP Expert, member of the Committee of Experts in Statistics. Bruno has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications in applied statistics.