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Dear client and partner,

Further to the implementation of the GDPR regulation in Europe, we have decided to modify the way we handle the delivery of information according to the following approaches:

  • Update of our software

You are aware that we offer four commercial software to our clients to handle validation of physico-chemical methods (e-Noval), validation of bioassays (Seelva), transfer of method (Transval) and stability analyses (Stab-e-lity). These software are used according to the principle of “Software as a Service” (SaaS). That means that any update implemented, such as the release of a new version or the upgrade of an existing version, will be readily available to all registered users. Therefore, according to the Good Practices applicable, these updates must be notified to our clients. To that end, a general change notice will be delivered to all our clients who are registered as a user of our software.

  • Invitation to Arlenda conference

We organize every 2-3 years a conference with the speakers being mainly clients of Arlenda. That conference is a great opportunity for client sto understand the problems and their solutions as implemented by other clients. It is also a great opportunity for you to network with people sharing the same focus on statistics applied to the healthcare industry. As we are convinced that these events are great opportunities for you and may create value for you by understanding how others have successfully handled their own challenges, we have decided that we will send you invitations to these events. To that end, we will maintain your name, your company name and your e-mail for contact purpose. Of course, we will fully respect your decision if you want to stop receiving these e-mails. To that end, please feel free to unsubscribe by clicking on the button: I want to unsubscribe.

  • Newsletter

We will stop sending newsletter as this is in conflict the philosophy of GDPR. To replace them, we will frequently update our LinkedIn website and you will still have access to recent information by visiting our LinkedIn website. Please do not hesitate to register as Arlenda’s follower.

We hope that you agree with our approach and that you are convinced that our approach will still deliver you the valuable information while respecting the privacy of your data.

Best regards,

Bruno Boulanger                                                                     Benoît Verjans

CSO Arlenda                                                                             CEO Arlenda


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