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Lab tools

In addition to our SaaS software, we have developed Lab tools to be installed at your facility:

Labventory to manage your laboratory inventory
Petventory to manage your animal facility.

Both products are fully customizable to your needs and requirements.


You will benefit from the following functionality :

  • Manage both your equipment and consumables in one solution
  • Integrate stock level and expiry dates
  • Manage your stocks (location, shopping cart, purchase orders, entry in stock
  • Generate warnings when purchase orders or equipment actions (maintenance, validation) are required
  • Manage bar-codes according to your in-house solution
  • Manage provider lists
  • Generate labels for consumables and equipment
  • Generate event history when required









You will benefit from the following functionality:

  • Manage your stock of small animals
  • Manage your event history (log books, stock use, equipment qualification)
  • Manage animal sheets with personal records
  • Generate labels for animal housing
  • Manage frozen semen and its storage location
  • Manage price lists and client requirements




Want more information? Choose one or both of the following:

An on-line demonstration with one of our developers (webex conference call)
Access to the demo version