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Back in September, Arlenda organized a two days event for its anniversary and Software day. With almost 60 participants for both days, it was a great success. It was called a “beautiful event filled with interesting topics” and “a flawless day among nice people”. We would like to thank everyone who attended the event, contributed to the presentation and made these two days a success. But we would also like to thank all our clients for trusting us year after year. We’ll see you all again for the next birthday !


Arlenda’s software team has just released a brand new video explaining the features of their software E Noval. Find out more HERE


The Software team is delighted to announce that Transval 2.0 has been released! This major release features a new Graphical User Interface, as well as many improvements. Extensive work has been carried out on the upgrading of the internal components of the software in order to ensure its future and fulfil your needs. The complete change-list is comprised below.

Transval 2.0 has been fully validated according to the GAMP 5 Guidelines. A Validation Certificate confirming to this can be down-
loaded from our website in the Software Documents page.

This version is available at https://www.arlenda.com/transval2.0/ and can be accessed using the Login page.

According to our Quality System, Transval 1.1 will continue to be available during a period of 6 months.


Convenient : Managed by Arlenda on a pay-per-user basis that is rapid and easy to scale globally.
Secure : Validated according to the risk-based methodology prescribed by the GAMP5 widely recognized in the industry to ensure compliance.
Accessible : Transval can be accessed from any location with an internet enabled device.
Comprehensive : Updates are made available online to existing customers, FREE of charge.
Cost-Effective : No initial setup costs; ready to use upon subscription.
Transparent : Here at Arlenda we are committed to the quality and security of all our products, tailoring our process to avoid ambiguous terms regarding the maintenance of data confidentiality and integrity.
Major improvements :

TRAN-150 : New, revamped Graphical User
Interface ( GUI )
TRAN-145 : Extensive review of the User’s guide
TRAN-146 : In previous versions, the report
ID in the footer was structured differently
than that of the file name. The numbering has
been improved to assist archiving. Both are
now aligned and are based on the timestamp
upon which the download action was taken
TRAN-150 : Update of SAS ( V9.2 to V9.4 )

Other improvements :

TRAN-120 : Update of the report version
number in the footer to match the version of
the template report
TRAN-123 : Update of the validation package
TRAN-132 : Addition of an explicit error
message when a user tries to connect
without a valid license
TRAN-133 : The password change now
requires access to a valid email account
TRAN-134 : Update of the excel template to
lock the cells which should not be edited by
the user
TRAN-140 : Change of the extension of the
WordML report to *.DOC in order to open
them automatically in Word
TRAN-144 : In January 2017, Arlenda merged
with the Pharmalex group. The logo and
references to ” Arlenda ” have been changed
to ” Pharmalex ”
TRAN-147 : Copy / paste from secured PDF is
now allowed
TRAN-148 : The Copyright Year in the report
footer is now dynamic and automatically
updated upon software release

TRAN-149 : Improvement of the Error
Reporting System in the interface
TRAN-150 : Update of the Struts Framework
to version 2.5.13
TRAN-150 : Update of Apache FOP ( report
generation framework ) from version 0.95 to
version 2.1
TRAN-150 : Faster IOM SAS connector
TRAN-151 : Optimization of the report
generation system
TRAN-152 : Harmonization of the report
footer structure with that of the other
applications ( Stabelity, Seelva, etc. )
TRAN-153 & TRAN-157 : Refactoring of the
SAS code
TRAN-156 : Precise order of introduced raw
data is preserved in the table of Appendix 1

Bug corrections

TRAN-129 : Levels in Experimental Design
table were sometimes displayed using extra
decimals. They are now displayed as they are
introduced by the user
TRAN-130 : Correction of spelling mistakes in
the French report
TRAN-131 : Removal of warning when
opening WordML reports in MS Word
TRAN-141 : Improvement on the Rounding
Macro to avoid extra trailing zeros
TRAN-142 : Correction of a Bug causing a
crash when a numeric value is entered in the
Project description field in the Excel template
TRAN-158 : When no results could be given
for confidence intervals, N / A was displayed.
” ND ” is now displayed to match eCTD


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