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About Arlenda

In 2003, a team of professors and researchers  from the  University of Liège (Belgium), created Arlenda to optimize a statistical approach to method development, validation, transfer, and stability testing.

At the beginning, Arlenda focused on software development, starting with e-Noval. After launching e-Noval in early 2004, we have expanded our software range, adding:

  • Transval (2007) for confirmation that an analytical method can be transferred
  • Stabelity (2010) to evaluate stability data for the determination of shelf-life and release limits.
  • Seelva (2011): for the validation of Ligand-binding assays and biomarkes.

Based on strong client demand, our consulting division was formed in 2010 and has experienced incredible growth from companies in the US and Europe.  An office in New Jersey was opened at the end of 2011 to better serve our growing base of clients in the United States

We currently serve  multiple clients in Europe, Asia, and the US from our two offices (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium and New Jersey, USA) and we solve statistical problems in our various fields of competences.

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